Join us in our HUNT for our ANCESTORS.  What a TREASURE it will be when you find them.   

This site is to help you locate some information about your ancestors.  Be sure to ask if you need help (you can email us at FHCsandpoint@gmail.com.
     - Decide on who you want to look for.  We suggest that you choose a Great Grand Parent from either your father's side or your mother's side but the choice is yours (They must be deceased and preferably someone you did not know).  You will need their name so ask your parent or grandparent for their name and any other information they might have (birth date and place, etc.)

     -  Start filling out a Family Group Sheet
     - Check around your house (or Grandparent's house) for certificates, pictures, or newspaper articles about your ancestor.
     -  Interview a living relative - be sure to ask for dates and places but see if they have any interesting stories to share also.

     -  Try your hand at research.  Go to FamilySearch.  TYPE in your ancestor's name and birth date if you have that information.  Do a search to see what kinds of information you can find.  Check out the different records - like census records.
     -  Do a GOOGLE search for your ancestor's name and see what comes up!
     -  At the Family History Center, check out the Premium Family History Websites (only available on the FHC computers) - check out Ancestry or World Vital Records.