Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Make a Personal Family History Book

This is something every single person can do. Keeping a personal family history book is easy and will help your family know the YOU that you really are. What is it that you want your family to remember about you? Include important facts about you as well as things of interest.This is an ongoing project. This is a great Family Home Evening activity and Sunday project.

You can set up your book anyway you like but I will show you how I set mine up and maybe this will help you with some ideas.  (I started this book many years ago but it is never too late to get started - just do it!)

1.  Start with a binder - I like the 2.5 or 3 inch 3 ring binders.   
(I started with one binder but then had to expand to two.)

2. Make a Table of Contents (think about your life and how you would like to divide it into subjects)
 My topics are: In the beginning (I include basic info and some pictures), Little girl days, School years, Places where I've lived, My friends, The family (my marriage and children), Ancestors (went only as far as my grandparents), Descendants (went down to my grandchildren), Court Records (copies of certificates like birth and wedding, etc.), Things I like to do (hobbies, talents, etc.), Poems from the heart (I like to write poems so did a whole section on this), and Bits n' Pieces (anything that doesn't fit anywhere else goes here).  You can label your categories however you like.

3.  First topic should include some important facts about you -
A 4-generation sheet and a fact sheet (basic facts about your life in one-two pages - include dates, places and names. Tell your name, your parent's and siblings, your spouse, and children....just the facts. You can elaborate later. ALWAYS give full names, dates, and places if known.
                        A good source to use when doing your basic info is from an Ensign article One hour life history.

4.  Use some cute dividers (or just plain is okay if that is your style :) I used a simple graphic program like Printmaster - very easy to use and cost was $5.00. Some programs are free so check the Internet.I also used colored cardstock for dividers and plastic inserts for everything included (bought in bulk at a big box store)

5.  I like to write a cover page for each topic. This is where you can go into detail about things in your life or interests.  For school years I told facts but also included fun stories. Be sure to include pictures - identify those in the picture and tell about where it was taken.

6.  Don't forget to add the fun things about your life - hobbies and interests. Describe the items you insert. I like puzzles so I take pictures of them when completed then tell what that puzzle meant to me. If you like to quilt, tell about the quilts and why you made them. If you like photography, show some pictures of your progress - early pictures to your latest ones. If you play an instrument, tell the specifics about your talent and show pictures.

Bottom line, this is your book so put things in it that represent who you are. You can add some family pictures but most family pictures should be put into a Family - family history book. Be sure to tell about things (you can do the journal in a jar and sick the stories behind the topic that it applies to). You might want to write about lessons learned from doing different activities that have been included. Have fun with this book project and don't forget to keep adding to it as your life goes on.