Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ancestry.com NOW at Family History Centers

We now have FREE Ancestry.com on the computers at the Family History Centers.  This is very exciting because now you can look up your family names FREE.  It is United States only but it will get you started with your US families.

Family Search is changing many things - starting with so many ways to help everyone find their family in the easiest ways possible.  Their Family History Center site includes Genealogical Resources, Classes and Workshops, and One-on-One Assistance. 

Genealogical Resources
     - Premium Subscriptions - When using the computers at the Family History Center, you will be able to access programs such as Ancestry.com, World Vital Records, Footnote, Genline Family Finder, Godfrey Memorial Library, and more.  All of these are subscription programs but you can use the free when accessing them through the FHC computers.
     -  Family Search - Access the FamilySearch site where you can do research and so much more.  There are millions of names that have become available to research through the Indexing program and are being updated often.
     - Family Search Indexing - Learn how to participate in the World's Greatest Service Project by helping index the millions of records available now on microfilm and microfiche.  When indexed, they will be available to all us us FREE of charge to find on the Internet (at FamilySearch.org) in the convenience of our own homes.  Anyone can do it - it's easy - it's fun - it's a way to serve yourself and others.
     - Family Search Microfilm Ordering - Very shortly we will be able to order microfilm and microfiche right from our home.  The film/fiche will still go to the Family History Center to be viewed but you don't have to make a special trip just to order.

Classes and Workshops
     - Online Research Courses - This is fantastic!  Free classes by those who really know.  They will teach you whatever you need to learn to search for your family.  Learn the very basics of how to do genealogy to learning how to research in Italy, Germany, Poland, France, and more.  You can even learn what you need to do to become a professional genealogist - take the classes!
     - Family Tech - Technology tips for genealogists and family historians.  Find help in computing, software, devises, Internet, how to's, and contribute.  They help with twitter, cameras, printing your genealogy, and so much more.

One on One Assistance
     - Family Search Research Wiki - Free family history research advice for the community, by the community.
     -  Family Search Forums - Helpful family history research and FamilySearch product information provided by experienced FamilySearch patrons.  You can search previously asked questions or ask them yourself - get answers from others that know.
     -  Family Search Help Center -  Ask a question and get help from the Knowledge Base, get local assistance, community assistance, or Family Search assistance. 

Also check out the new look to FamilySearch.org!  Have fun researching!