Learn the basics of genealogy - where to find information, how to keep records, getting organized, and much more!  (Please email us to let us know if a link does not work)

HOW TO START - some basic before you begin

Introduction to Family History - short video (2:19)
What is Genealogical Research - short video - FamilySearch (2:45)
Genealogy Today - Where to start - short video - FamilySearch 5:09

LESSONS - let's get started with Family Tree

1.  SIGN UP - for FamilySearch - This will open up YOUR Family Tree
           Basic Account Information - setting up an account (if a member, use your member account)
2.  CHECK OUT your Fan Chart - Look at the empty spaces (fill in any spaces that you know)
           Quick Start to Family Tree - video (4:04)
           Link a living person to deceased ancestors
           Adding a new person or finding an existing person in Family Tree
          Dividing incorrectly combined records 
          10 Top Frequently Asked Questions (About Family Tree)

3.  START WITH adding stories, photos, and documents to your relatives - (click on person then click on memories)
           Is there a limit to how many documents, photos, and stories I can add
                     - Click on Memories
                     - Start with stories - click ADD stories - Click Create New Stories (give it a name,                                     write your story, and SAVE)
                     -  Add a Photo - Download your photo using a scanner or digital camera (be sure to put                             it in a file where you can find it easily).
                                 -  Click to upload the photo (click on the + sign)
                                 -  Find your photo in the file where you left it :)
                                 -  Give your photo a name (attach it to the people in the photo) see HELP
                    -  Add Document or Video - follow the add photo instructions (very similar)

4.  DO SOME RESEARCH - Use FamilySearch (Search) to search for family members to fill in your tree.    
           -  How to Browse Records on FamilySearch
           -  How to Search - Frequently Asked Questions          

Family Search Classes Online - A huge variety of classes in subjects and countries

101 top Genalogy Websites - an absolute must!


First Presidency Message - Providing Names for the Temple
Granite Mountain Records Vault pt 1
Researching Newspapers for Genealogy for free - Video by Kenneth R Marks (18:27)
Breaking Through Your Genealogy Brick Walls - Video by (32:06)